2019. február 28., csütörtök

ESL tanárképzés: mire használhatjuk a skypot az oktatásban

Susan Thomas
A sway presentáció után élőben próbáltuk ki azokat az alkalmazásokat, lehetőségeket, játékokat, amiket a bemutatóban említettem. Mystery állatos, kahoot...stb.
Jó érzés továbbadni ötleteimet, tapasztalataimat.

Mystery skype, UK

Katie Keav

Amikor a nagyok egyedül beszélgetnek...Fantasztikus emberkék!!!!

Mardi Gras

Regulations of the Mardi Gras Costume Competition 2019

As you have access to this document you have registered to the costume competition as a jury member successfully. Congratulations!!! Thank you very much for this great honour you give us doing this presentation. By this the students get  the opportunity to exhibit some traditions in our country and region. Please join in right in time, because you will be able to act as a jury member only,  if  you  will have watched all costumes finally..
  1. As a jury member you have to vote twice: for the best costume itself (A- Voting) and for the presentation (B- Voting). The B- score counts more than the A- score because it is more difficult to present than to wear a certain costume.
  2. You will watch to a certain students at his/her presentation after he/she has introduced himself/herself.  The student will show his/her costume and has to act like what his/her costume represents. Example: If he/she is wearing an bear- costume, he/she  will act like a bear in front of the camera.
  3. If you attend with a group or a whole class, be aware about the fact that you have one voice only. So you have to discuss among your group about the score you want to give for a certain person.
  4. You get the chance to ask questions to the students if you would like to. Afterwards you have to give points for A and for B.
  5. You are allowed to give 10 points, 9 points, 8 points, 5 points, 3 points, 2 points or 1 point for A and for B. All points you type in into the spreadsheet will automatically been added and the B- score will be multiplicated by the factor 1,2. So it might occur that you type in a certain value but the total score will show you a decimal score.
  6. 1 point is the lowest, 10 points is the highest score! Don’t use decimals or fractions.
  7. Please fill in  your points in your row and in the column below of the student’s name. Please, avoid further written comments on the voting sheet!
  8. After you have typed in your points the next student will start her/his presentation.
  9. Students’ winner will be that person who will have the highest total score at the end of the session.

See you on Thursday, 28th February 2019.
Thank you very much!!!
Reinhard Marx
Realschule Sundern, Germany