2018. szeptember 30., vasárnap

Skype-a-Thon 2018


2018. szeptember 26., szerda

Európai nyelvek napja

Európai nyelvek napja
2018 szeptember 26 Requester’s Name: Milena Vojinovic
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM W. Europe Standard Time
Date: 26 September  2018
Classroom Ages: Ages 8-10, Ages 11-13, Ages 14-18
Subjects Taught: Animals, Art and Design, Climate & Environment, Dramatic Arts/Theater, Geography, History, Reading and Writing, Religion & Philosophy, Science, Technology, World Languages
Location: Bojnik, Leskovac, Central and Eastern Europe
Guest’s Time Zone: Central Europe Standard Time

Európai Nyelvek Napját ünnepeltük ma egy szerb osztállyal közösen.
Mi egy weörös Sándor verset szavaltunk el, és náhány tipikus magyar tárgyat ismertettünk meg a másik osztállyal.
Közösen tanultunk egymás nyelvén.
Egy egy angol kifejezést megytanultunk szerbül, ők pedig mayarul.
Érdekes volt látni a kis ötödikeseknek a más írásmódot is.

2018. szeptember 25., kedd

Mystery skype Tennessee, USA

6th grade class in Tennessee, United States

Signal Mountain Middle School
Hayley Wood
Date: 25.09.2018.

2018. szeptember 18., kedd

Kahoot google hangout-on

Amerikai iskolával hangout-on játszottunk egy fantasztikus földrajzos játékot

Új játék. mystery skype és kahoot

Frissített skype-pal próbálkoztunk. Tudtunk fotót rögzíteni és videót felvenni.
Mystery Skype Details Requester’s Name: Dawn Rivas Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM W. Europe Daylight Time Date: 18 September 2018 Classroom Ages: Ages 14-18 Subjects Taught: Digital Literacy, Geography, Government, Politics & Civics, History, Technology Location: Oradell, United States Guest’s Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time


Nagyjaink gyorsan kitalálták a partneriskola országát és az államot, ahol élnek, majd egy közös kahoot játék keretén belül mértük össze tanulók tudását. Kamilla the second majd P. Borikám, the first ott voltak a dobogós helyen. ( 26-28 játékosból)
A találkozó egyik rejtett célja az új eszközök kipróbálása, mint pl képernyőkép készítés és videó rögzítése at új skypon.
Délután még egy flash összacsapás volt egy másik amerikai osztállyal, de ekkor már a google hangout alkalmazáson osztottuk meg a képernyőt, és játszottunk együtt.

Az amerikai tanár bácsi vezette az órát, a nagyok gyönyörűen alkalmazkodtak, és különösebb gondot nem jelentett a tanóra angol nyelvű vezetése

2018. szeptember 16., vasárnap

Koen Timmer's project Climate Action 2


On October 1 the Climate Action project will be launched. During 1 month your students will focus on Climate Change. In this email I'd like to offer a bit more information about the scope and mission of the project. 

During this project collaboration on a global scale is key. We aim to create global citizenships and strive for engaged students and changed mindsets. 
Formal education tends to be restricted to direct instruction, memorization and assessment. And second, we need to make our students global citizens focussing on global issues. In this project we will shift to other learning approaches and will allow our students not only to study, but also solve problems, find solution and maybe even taking action. During the project our students will explore, brainstorm, discuss, create, connect and share. Maybe you already allow your students to collaborate in the classroom, maybe this is new and so you might be initially driven outside your comfort zone. No worries, you will be offered a global platform in which you can ask questions, share best practices and will be guided by us. 
This project will involve students aged 8 to 21. Every group will participate at their capacity. Some will work 1h a week, others 2h a day. You may use technology when available. Very cool fact: at all times one group across the world will be working on the project. We have participants from Hawaii to New Zealand! 

Week 1
During the first week our students focus on Climate Change. What is climate change? What is happening in the world? 
Offer your students an introduction and ask questions. Offer a good context. Then allow your students to brainstorm, explore, discuss. During this project you become a helpdesk and mentor, pointing your students in the right direction. 
Your students need to create a video reflecting what they learned during this week. This video is max 5 minutes, recorded in landscape. It would be nice if they present themselves, their country very briefly (max 1 min). You are able to add videos and pictures to the website yourself. Deadline for submitting the first week's video: Oct 10. 
Take a look at last year's video's created by students. Take a look at some videos. Watching videos created by other participants living in other continents is an important part of this project. 
Last year students invited their parents in the classroom, interviewed people on the street, created prototypes, used educational resources like green screen, lego, minecraft, stop motion videos, sang, danced, drew, handcrafted, wrote stories, etc. 

In this self inquiry and student centered approach, your students inevitably will choose their path and this may drive you - their teacher - outside their comfort zone. This is why we offer a shared document with some resources so you know a bit more about the subject. Feel free to add resources to the document! Please find the document here.

Week 2: 
During the second week our students will focus on climate change in their area. 

Week 3: 
Students will try to define solutions - Students will create the longest list of solutions which will be published. 

Week 4:
Students will have Skype session with peers across the world and will take action
We will hold a Global Day and present our initiatives to the rest of the world. 

Questions? Please send me an email. Try to avoid to use Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter messages, etc as it is very difficult to coordinate a group of hundred of teachers using different channels. 

By now you all should be able to sign in at the website. Let me know when you're not able to create an account. 

Interesting anecdotes? Please let me know what's happening in your classroom!
Please take some pictures of your students while they are working on the website. You can add these pictures to https://www.climate-action.info/impressions

Decided not to participate after all? Please let me know and I'll remove your account from the website. 

Do you know some expert who'd like to do a master class at the end of the project via Skype? Do you know a celebrity willing to support our project? 
Please let me know. 

Good luck and have fun!

2018. szeptember 3., hétfő

British Council games-apróknak



Are you aged 13-17? Are you learning English? Go to our LearnEnglish Teens website to find lots of free resources to help you pass exams and have fun while you learn English online.    

Are you learning English? Have a look at LearnEnglish to find lots of resources to help you practise your English.

Do you teach English? Find lesson plans, articles and more on TeachingEnglish, the website for teachers brought to you by the British Council with the BBC.

Visit our Premier Skills website to learn two of the world's global languages - English and football.

Safe place

Week 1
Example activities

  • Present the data using a ppt/Sway. You can also create a collage.

  • List out the activities which you consider amount to violence, eg, bullying, cyber bullying, etc

  • Make an infographic.

  • Are there any organizations/ NGOs/ Government bodies/ Authorities who govern or lay down rules and regulations for safe schools in your country? List these as a dictionary in this one note.

  • Week 2
  • Students will inquire about and investigate:

  • The root causes of violence/ inappropriate behavior of students in schools.

  • Identify any cause with the socio-economic environment in your country.

  • Importance of identifying and isolating the cause.

  • Activities :

  • the root causes of violence(verbal, physical, emotional)/ inappropriate behavior of students in their school.(classroom, open areas in school, around the school campus)

  • What are the reasons for the violence( you can use a consensus survey)

  • Also identify the periodicity of the incidents

  • Week 3
  • Students will find about:

  • What can be done to curb the incidents of violence in schools?

  • How can they actually help to solve the issue on a local/ state/ country/ global level?

  • What is their idea of a safe school ?

  • Suggested activities:

  • Form action groups of students who will do peer counselling, mentoring etc.

  • Make small videos/ ppts about school violence and show them in the classrooms

  • Express your findings through a drawing/ Minecraft/ pant 3D or any other appropriate software.

  • What can you do in your capacity as a student to spread awareness in your own school/ community(eg, a campaign, rally etc)?

  • Chalk out a plan using mindmaps
  • Week 4
  • How to prepare for the skype/zoom session?

  • Make a list of questions which you can ask experts during a Skype session.

  • Share your presentations/ data and also activities which you carry out/ plan to carry out in your country regarding the issue.

  • Which steps will you do /has your class done in order to raise awareness ?