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Angol óra amerikai gyerekekkel. 12 Kérdések az iskolai életről

Newtown Middle School Pnnsylvania, USA
Mnscomputerlap class


Differences and similarities

in the USAin Hungary
What time is it there?9am3pm
How is the weather?sunnyrainy
How old are you and what grade are you in?1214
Do you have activities after school?sportsport, reading, comuter games
Do you have sports teams?yeshandball
Do you like school?:-):-)
When does your school day begin and end?9am 3pm8am 2pm
Do you eat lunch at school?yescanteen, at home
How many days a week do you go to school?55
Do you switch classes?yesno
What classes do you take/study?Science, Maths, EnglisSport, English, maths, Biology, Geography
Do you have gym class?yes, 5yes 5
Have you had American food?yesyes
Do you have specials? (art, computers, music)yesincluded in timetable

in the USAin Hungary
How many students are there in this class?25-3025-30
How do you travel to school?by car, walkby bike, walk, by bus
What languages do they teach at your school?English, Spanish, FranceEnglish, German
Do you learn any musical instruments?clarinet, trumpet, violinguitar, flute, piano
What sports do you play?soccer, footbalhandball, football
How long is your summer holiday?3 month2.5month
How many students are there in your school?850360
How many lessons do you have in a day?76
How long are the lessons?4545
How long are the breaks between classes?
What subjects do you have?Science, Social studies,Hungarian Grammar, Literature, History, Biology,
What do you do in your free time?readwatch tv, sport
When do you start school?9am8am
When do you finish school?3pm2pm
Do you live in a city or in a town?towntown

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