2017. október 8., vasárnap

12 kérdéses skype session proejct: Sri Lanka

Your Mystery Skype Request DetailsRequester’s Name: nacroshan bcc
Time: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM W. Europe Daylight Time
Date: 08 October 2017 
Classroom Ages: All Ages
Subjects Taught: Careers and Management, Computer Science, Digital Literacy, Geography, History, Leadership, Reading and Writing, Safe & Civil Schools, Social and Emotional Health, World Languages
Location: Veyangoda Asia Pacific

 in the   other countryin   Hungary
What   time is there now? 11:458:45 
What   is the weather like now?rainingcloudy 
How   many students are there in your school? 3,000360 
How   old are you and what grade are you in? 17, 11:-) 
What   subjects do you learn? Maths, Science, EnglishMaths, Bilogy, Geography 
When   do you start school and when do you finish? 7:30 13 pm8am 2pm 
How   many lessons do you have in a day? 8
How   long are the lessons and how long are the breaks between lesson? 45, 1545, 15 
What   do you do after school? go homeextra classes 
What   sports do you do? badmintonfootball, handball 
How   long is your summer holiday? 1 month ( no summer holiday)2,5 month 
Do   you wear uniform? yesno 

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