2017. március 21., kedd

Rhode Islad-ra (USA) utaztunk

Mikor a technika nem támogat minket
Hang enm volt, ezért chatbox-ban játszottunk mystery skypot amerikai kisgyerekekkel.
Nekik ez volt az első, mi muattuk meg a játékot.
Mrs. Lindsay Bliven
Grade 3
Ashaway Elementary School

3B Classroom App: Bloomz<http://www.bloomz.com>
Ashaway Grade 3 Webpage<http://ashaway.wix.com/3rdgrade>

2017. március 16., csütörtök


Hi folks,
Very happy to see things starting to show up here. I KNOW you are not finished, but I have a few suggestions.

Be sure to actually have a home page so that you can put a title and a little about what you are doing.
An about us page would be good for school/class information, and don’t forget the Helping Focus and Reflections.

On the country pages, it’s OK to have the subpages listed at the bottom, but why not also put them in a drop down menu.

Not sure how?
Under the  go to edit site layout

Do not click on anything, just hover your mouse in the horizontal menu area and you will see
Click right above that. This is what your site currently shows.

Click on add page (about in the middle on the left.) You will see a list of pages available.
When you click a page to add and click OK it will move up with the other pages.

But wait, it’s in the wrong spot!

That’s where these little arrows come in: 

Use the up arrow to move under USA and then the right arrow to move it over.

Continue will all the files for each country.

BE SURE TO CLICK OK when you are finished!

I hope this helps

2017. március 7., kedd

USA, Indiana, mystery skype

Your Mystery Skype Request Details
Requester’s Name: Linda Smith
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM W. Europe Standard Time
Date: 8 March 2017

Skype ID: lsmith_744
Classroom Ages: Ages 8-10
Subjects Taught: Animals, Climate & Environment, Digital Literacy, Geography, Math & Economics, Reading and Writing, Science, Special Education, Technology, World Languages
Location: Greensburg United States

Quatar, Doha, ICt conferenciába vettünk rlszt.

Quatar, Doha: Nashwa Ghonim


We exchanged pictures of our countries and asked questions to our friends at the Primary School of Balatonboglár in Hungary. Many thanks to Ms Dondi Gyöngyi Tóthné Bán, MIE expert and Skype master teacher  for facilitating this experience. She has been using Skype in her classroom for 8 years! You can explore her class’s adventures at www.lifeinourcountries.wikispaces.com.


Nashwa Ghonim

Your Mystery Skype Request Details
Host: Nashwa Ghonim
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM W. Europe Standard Time
Date: 7 March 2017 
Host’s Location: Doha, Gulf and Middle East
Host’s Time Zone: Arab Standard Time

Works at Al Maha Academy