2016. szeptember 2., péntek

Vendégelőadónk skypon: Északi Sark, Grönland...és jeges medvék

  • Just For The Challenge
Justin Miles is a professional adventurer, or explorer – or whatever! In his own 
words “I don’t care what job title I have. I get to go to the most awesome 
places on Earth, do some really cool stuff when I get there and I meet the most 
amazing people along the way!”
His adventures take place in polar, mountain, jungle and desert regions
 and are all used to support global education projects, to engage with schools 
around the world and to support various charities such as Magpas 
and Educate The World, and the programme Educate A Child
You can find out more about Justin and the journey that he’s been on, 
from being brain damaged in a car accident to tackling adventures
 and expeditions all over the world on his speaking page.


Where were you during your adventures?
What did you eat?
What did you drink?
Where did you sleep?
What animals did you see?
What dangerous animals did you meet?
Were there any dangerous situation?
How did you communicate with your family?
Did you meet any other people?

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