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Támogatói levél USA-ból:-))

Egy majdani dologhoz kellett referenciát kérnem.
Kaptam, USA-ból.
Többet most még nem, majd , ha...esetleg...talán...húúúúúú



Dear Awards Committee,

I have known and collaborated with Gyöngyi for the past four and a half years.  I have never been to Hungary and she has never been to the United States, but I still have been allowed to join with her in great educational experiences.  I first met her when I joined the Skype group called Hello Little World Skypers https://sites.google.com/site/skypershello/ .  I was amazed to see that her little ones in a small school in Hungary were already experiencing other cultures, reaching out to the world during their study of English. Students have many choices and get to chose the one they like best. They’ve done Glogs and blogs and wikis, video and audio, computer art and traditional. They’ve written postal mail letters when their ePals needed that.

She’s included locations from around the world in projects such as “life in our countries”, “Tourism”, “Regional Events”, and “Music Around the World”

Natalie Morales (from the Today show)  took note of her when joining into a Mystery Location session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz8zia-3NK8

They even were kind enough to include my ‘Catherine Cat’ during a Skype session with me one day.

Gyöngyi and her students have completed  three years in the Global Virtual Classroom web design contest, and are currently working on year four: www.virtualclassroom.org/contest.html
Adventure Island http://winners.virtualclassroom.org/1029/ partnered with 2 US schools
Heal the World: http://1204.virtualclassroom.org/ partnered with US and Russia
Cultural Exchange Through the Cloud: https://sites.google.com/a/gsbi.org/gvc1308/ partnered with US and Taiwan
Education: https://sites.google.com/a/gsbi.org/gvc1401/ (still in the process of completion) Partnered with US and Ivory Coast.

In all this Gyöngyi has been an inspiration and great model for her students.  She’s careful to allow them freedom in collaborations outside their classroom, within the bounds of courtesy, awareness of differences, and care for their private information.

When she does not know how to do something, she asks, investigates, learns - often with the help of a student - and then shares her new learning with everyone. Students are allowed to use their favorite means of communication while collaborating, but all are encouraged to TRY the new thing to see if they like it.  Students are also asked to reflect on the project as well as their participation and style of learning.  As they grow older, sometimes they find they have new favorites.

It’s not only with the students that Gyöngyi encourages ‘taking that leap into the new.’  She encourages her colleagues to try things also, with varying acceptance.  She is always contributing within the HLWSkypers group and is always willing to share with a new person just how she learned something. In like manner, her students are always willing to meet with others, sometimes even staying after school in order to do so.

I think Gyöngyi is a great role model for teachers across the world, proving you don’t need a great deal of money or all the latest equipment if you have a creative mind and are willing to use what you DO have.

Janet Barnstable
 Currently: Global Virtual Classroom Program Manager
Give Something Back International Foundation
(Retired teacher with 48 years experience)

Thank you, Janet thank you very very very much for your nice words

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