2012. április 30., hétfő

Innovació project: Koen Timmers


In 1 week (April 16) the Innovation project will be launched. During 1 month your students will focus on Innovation and the UN SDGs.

We'll be using this online document (OneNote) to share resources. Navigating to https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArWDu8MiRkr5vxe1F9QuTewEOJo0 allows you to view and edit the document. It includes some general information and the weekly topics including some resources.

Are you able to sign in at the website? You should have received a username and password. If not, please tell me. Sign in at www.innovation-project.info/user.
You can add your own picture and one of your students. Please make sure to take pictures of your students while they are working on the project. You can add these pictures to http://innovation-project.info/impressions. During each week you can add ONE video to the website. This video can be maximum 8 minutes. We prefer you to upload your video to YouTube or OneDrive.

Find yourself at http://innovation-project.info/teachers.
Find the ambassadors at http://innovation-project.info/ambassadors. They will guide you during the project.

The first week's topic is "What is Innovation". These are some guidelines. Feel free to take another approach! Keep in your mind that after introducing the topic to your students you need to become a guide rather than an instructor. Collaboration is key. Make sure to point your students in the right direction.

  1. What is innovation? Can your students define innovation?
  2. Every innovation may come with benefits, unexpected side effects and drawbacks. Can your students give some examples of innovation?

    You CAN use these examples but allow your students to find their own as well: the (smart)phone, a car, a rocket, a gun, ...

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of these innovations?
    Can the Falcon Heavy make the world a better place? 
    Who will benefit from self driving cars? How about ethics? MIT allows you to judge: http://moralmachine.mit.edu/

    When will mankind decide we have had enough innovation?
    What about "Innovation alone is not enough"?
  3. Try to imagine the world/your house/a classroom in 2030? Check the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  4. Are there any innovation which are not to the benefit of people? How is innovation related to Capitalism?
    Ex: apple deliberately slowing your iPhone 
  5. Which innovations are making cities more sustainable? Which innovations are ending poverty, etc.
Deadline for submitting the first week's video: April 21.

Decided not to participate after all? Please let me know and I'll remove your account from the website.

Our project is supported by lots of public figures. I'm adding quotes to this page on daily base. Be surprised!

We are using hashtag #SDGinnoPro on social media. Feel free to shout out on Facebook or Twitter.

Do you know some expert who'd like to do a master class at the end of the project via Skype? Do you know a celebrity willing to support our project?
Please let me know.

Sway. week 1https://sway.com/o0dWAH25RmY6mRaE?ref=Link&loc=mysways
Sway week 2https://sway.com/jvNQ6BnOkglgDJJe?ref=Link&loc=mysways

Következő skypos óránk

Következő skypos óránk pénteken, 15:00-kor lesz.
Bemutatkozás és zene...zene..zene....Megmutatjuk, mit tudunk mi, itt, ebben a kis országban, kicsi városkában!!!!:-)))
Várunk mindenkit, akinek kedve szottyan.
Partnereink: Stone-Robinson Elementary School Charlottesville, Virginia, USA Itt az iskola honlapja:
 Most ( kedd este 6-kor) beszélgettem a tanár bácsival, egy nagyon fiatal ( hrrrr) és nagyon aranyos emberke.

2012. április 21., szombat

London Maraton április 22-London nevezetességei

A London maraton futói  London nevezetességei előtt/ mellett haladnak el.
De jó nekik...ha egyszer...csak egyszer...én is...hmmmm
Na jó:   Greenwich-ből indul és végighalad London nevezetességei mellett, és a Buchingham Palace Garden-ben ér véget.
Ismerkedj meg a várossal.
Itt a térkép -és a látnivalók....( nyárra is jól jöhet)

Az Eurosport 10:00-13:00-ig élőben közvetíti- nézd a hátteret:-)))) .....is.
Csak ha olvasgatni van kedved angolul: itt